Individualized Vaccine Schedules

We do not believe that we can use a cookie-cutter approach to vaccinating your pet and try to minimize the number of vaccines your pet will receive throughout of their life while at the same time, protecting them against diseases they may be exposed to. We will look at your pet’s lifestyle and develop a vaccine schedule specifically for them. Vaccines are quite sensitive and must be handled very carefully. For example, they are highly susceptible to damage from fluctuating temperatures. For this reason, we encourage owners to stick with vaccines from their veterinarians. We know that the vaccines we order are handled appropriately by our distributor and after they arrive at the hospital. Other stores may not even be aware that their vaccines are damaged or may not work at all. Not all vaccines are created equal. Some brands are less likely to cause an adverse reaction than others and this does affect cost. We use brands and formulations that are developed in ways that greatly decrease possible side effects and reactions.